President Maduro: Our only plan is to preserve peace in the country

The President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, welcomed on Tuesday at Miraflores Palace, the great mobilization of revolutionary women, who marched through the streets of Caracas to reject the political gender violence practiced by the Venezuelan right wing.
“We have a single plan: Our plan is to win peace so that there is a Homeland, in order to build socialism,” he said from the outskirts of Miraflores.
In a joint radio and television broadcast, the President urged the patriot women to defend their rights as an essential step to preserve peace and thus prevent violent attacks by sectors of the right wing. “Please women do not fall asleep, do not sleep on your laurels”.
The President of the Republic said he will not allow any aggressions against women. “We can not let them to be attacking Venezuelan women. The right wing wants to impose a state of violence against women “.
He stressed that the Bolivarian Revolution has made visible the role of women. “For the first time it was mandatory to have women postulate for the election of deputies”.
He asked the Revolutionaries to reject that the right wing parliamentarians did not spoke out to condemn the violence against the women assaulted during the violent actions of recent days. “No opposition leader has given a single word of solidarity with these women. They do not assume their responsibility, they hide. ”
The Venezuelan Head of State said that “Our country must be vaccinated against violence and fascism. They (the opposition) despise the Venezuelan women. ”
During the mobilization, the women made a stop at the Public Ministry to deliver a document rejecting the attacks suffered by the official of the PNB (Bolivarian National Police corp), Dubraska Alvarez, attacked by shock forces of the right wing during the last mobilization held in the capital of the country ; and thus establish a position before the systematic attack that are receiving the women rectors of the National Electoral Council (CNE), by the leaders of the Venezuelan opposition.
Those participating in the march reaffirmed their support for the Bolivarian Revolution and the Government led by Nicolas Maduro, and said they will defend it at any stage.