President Nicolás Maduro launches Great Mission Transport Venezuela

The President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, re-launched the Great Mission Transport Venezuela on Tuesday, with the aim of strengthening this important sector.
The Head of State made the relaunch from the workshops of the Caracas Metro, an activity that signs part of the Program for Economic Recovery, Growth and Prosperity.
The objective of this mission is to promote land, air and maritime transport of the Homeland, as explained President Maduro, who said that the goal is to improve the system and ensure the transportation needed by the Venezuelan people.
He also indicated that the objective is that everything related to transportation is manufactured in the country: «Venezuela can have its own railroads and system of subway trains», he said.
«We are going to make a transport revolution in the whole country. Today we are in the workshops of the Caracas Metro, because I am going to launch with great force and precision the Great Mission Transport Venezuela, with the central objective of tracing and carrying the transportation that our people need», he said.
During the event, the National President proceeded to launch the first of 15 transport vessels that will be manufactured with Venezuelan labor in the Sucre state as part of the Passenger Aquatic Transportation Project.