Know the 5 lines of research of the constituent dialogue for economy

The ANC began a debate to approve the decree for a constituent dialogue for economy, where all sectors are summoned to explain to the country the main challenges for overcoming the effects of the economic war, including the business, merchants, industrialists, workers chambers.

“A fundamental debate for national life, the economic issue … The moment that Venezuela lives today, the hour that Venezuela lives today, is the hour of national unity, and therefore the relevance of this decree to call for a great constituent debate of economy”, expressed the president of the ANC, Delcy Rodriguez, to start the debate.

She recalled that in 2014 the president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, warned of the implementation of an economic war against the country. A process of multi-form aggression, which has assumed the economy as an instrument to overthrow the Constitutional Government, and to impact and hamper the development of human rights, inclusion and progressiveness of fundamental rights (housing, education, health, etc.).

She said that after the signing of the Executive Order by the US Government, which formalizes the financial and commercial blockade against Venezuela, the interests behind the economic war are evident.

She added that the debate is also marked in the programmatic objective of generating the rupture of the oil rentier economy model.

Rodríguez listed five broad lines of research and thought for the debate:

1. Substitutes for Oil as a source of energy, to be carried out by the Committee on Productive and Diversified Economy, the Commission on Education, Science and Technology and PDVSA.

2. Oil reserves of Venezuela, task for the Commission of Economy and PDVSA.

3. US energy reserves, which will be handled by Citgo and the ANC’s International Commission.

4. Investment funds that impact the development of the global oil industry, a task assigned to the Committee on Economy.

5. Labor vs. State Nation, in charge of the political leadership of the ANC and the National Public Power Commission.

Finally, she informed that the Commission of Economy and the board of the ANC will hold a working meeting with the head of state and the economic cabinet, in Miraflores Palace.