CNE audited configuration files on Voting machines

On Monday, the technicians of the National Electoral Council (CNE) and representatives of the various political parties reviewed the configuration of the automated voting system, in preparation for the regional elections to be held on October 15.

In addition, were signed the final minutes of the files of configuration of the electoral machines to be used in the elections, which forms part of the activities set by the CNE in its electoral schedule.

The document was signed by the representatives of all participating political organizations, in accordance with the procedure that was carried out in the Data Center of the General Directorate of Information Technology of the CNE, in Plaza Caracas, as reviews the Electoral Power in a press note.

During the activity was verified the operation of the machines and the operation of the components that guarantee the transparency of the process.

Also, was made the hash (key generation) review and calculation of the audited files. Were also reviewed the flat configuration files, the files were encrypted and the hash generated for later verification in the production and pre-dispatch audits.