US Government has promoted shortages in Venezuela

There are evidences that proof that the US Government has promoted shortages in Venezuela, as affirmed on Thursday by the Chancellor Delcy Rodríguez during her speech at the extraordinary session of the Organization American States (OAS) with headquarters in Washington.
Moreover, she stressed that Venezuela is not responsible for what happens with climate change, recalling that in the country are being lived the effects of the «El Niño» phenomenon, which has generated electrical problems, «Given which, the Venezuelan opposition sector, instead of making a call for energy savings, has called to consume more electricity», she said.
Likewise, she asked how a country in crisis has managed to deliver more than one million homes to the needy and put at the service of the people a number of social missions, led by a President who was democratically elected by his people as it is Nicolas Maduro.
Finally, she extended her thankful words to the Bolivarian Alliance of American States (ALBA) «who today rejected the law imposing sanctions against our country by the US Senate.»