President Maduro: Europe calls itself cultured and ends up kneeling before the empire

The President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, stated this Sunday that Europe, which calls itself a cultured continent, ends up subordinating its thoughts, political will and interests, to the interests of the American empire.

This statement was made by the Head of State during his third “Maduro Live” broadcast through his account on the Tik Tok social network: “Why Europe, with its technological, political, military, and economic development, ends up subordinated to the interests of the North American empire?.” He questioned.

Maduro, who was accompanied by Spanish political scientist Juan Carlos Monedero, asserted that “the emerging world can only emerge and exist, in peace.”

In this regard, Monedero expressed that due to the lack of courage on the part of Europe to have its own foreign policy, it is being a pawn of the interests of the United States.

Likewise, he expressed that the atrocities being carried out by the Israeli government will return to itself. He highlighted that Latin America is becoming an emerging continent, a brake on imperialism.

For his part, President Maduro warned that Europe subordinates its interests to the United States above the thought and political will of its society.

He stated that these subaltern actions of Europe obey messages they send from power, to demonstrate that they are capable of imposing war on the world, above peace.

In that sense, he denounced that empires use satellite equipment and artificial intelligence (AI) as powerful technological tools to attack the new world that is emerging:

They are demonstrating the power to the new world that is emerging, to the emerging world, to all of us, to the world that wants peace because the emerging world can only emerge and exist in peace, with respect for sovereignty, independence and with respect for the models that are born and emerge in the different stages that we have to live as a country in the maturation of the national consciousness of our countries, in the maturation of the educational, cultural, technological, economic and political model that is given in each country. “, he said.