GMVV will reach this Thursday milestone of 2,300000 houses built

The Great Mission Housing Venezuela (GMVV) will reach this Thursday the milestone of 2,300,000 houses built, since the creation of this mission in 2011. The event will be held in Lara state by the National Executive.

“It has been completed the 2,299,249th Housing, and we inform that tomorrow our President Nicolás Maduro Moros will inaugurate in the state of Lara the milestone of 2,300,000 homes to continue advanced with the success of the leading driver of victories”, reported on Wednesday the Minister for Housing and Housing, Ildemaro Villarroel.

The minister was in the Simón Rodríguez Training Center, in Miranda state, where the Superior Housing Authority met and a meeting of Viviendo Venezolanos was held.

The head of Housing reported that the Great Mission Barrio Nuevo, Barrio Tricolor (New Neighborhood, Tricolor Neighborhood) has managed to maintain 981,167 houses and will soon reach the milestone of a million rehabilitated buildings.

Also, 1,036,089 titles of urban lands have been delivered, he said, and 642 million bolivars were delivered to the executing agencies of the GMVV in order to move forward with this housing program.

Villarroel, regarding the congress, notified that were addressed 7 issues before the GMVV, the organization of the people, the communes and others.

“This congress that began four weeks ago, in its parochial, municipal, and state stages and today gets involved in deliberating to draw conclusions and programmatic contributions for our President tomorrow, has called 50,941 participants throughout the country”, he added. .

The event was attended by the Vice President for Territorial Socialism, Aristóbulo Istúriz, who called on the people to strengthen the organization under equality, social justice and other fundamental values in socialism.