Alfred de Zayas will present report on Venezuela to UN High Commissioner

The independent expert of the United Nations (UN), Alfred-Maurice de Zayas, requested to present the report he made on the situation in Venezuela, whose content refers to how the unilateral sanctions of the United States (USA) affected the economy, to the High Commissioner of Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet:

“I have requested the opportunity to present my report and answer any questions you may have about the methodology of elaboration and about the recommendations I made to the Human Rights Council”, he said in an interview with the “Al Instante” (On instant) program, broadcast by Unión Radio.

Zayas, in this regard, noted that his request has not yet received a response, however, he considered that Bachelet will receive him “not only as an independent expert, but as a former senior official of the Office of the UN High Commissioner”.

“I am available when it is convenient for her to receive me,” he added, noting that he offered to be an advisor to Michelle Bachelet on issues related to Venezuela.

Previously, on September 28, the President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, extended a formal invitation to the former Chilean president to visit Venezuela when she deemed it appropriate, putting at her disposal the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to carry out the relevant coordination to make concrete her trip to the South American nation.

In the text, published on August 30, Zayas affirmed that the unilateral coercive measures imposed by the Governments of the United States (USA), Canada and the European Union (EU) affected the development of the Venezuelan economy, given that they aggravated the shortage of medicines and the distribution of foodstuffs:

“We have evidence that there is an economic war from the outside, that there is a financial blockade, induced inflation and sanctions that make it extremely difficult for the government to sell and buy like any other sovereign country”, added Zayas.