USA is behind the application of the Democratic Charter against Venezuela

The representative of the Venezuelan State to the Human Rights organizations, Germán Saltrón, said that the application of the Democratic Charter of the OAS to Venezuela would be a measure ordered by the State Department of the United States of America.
On Tuesday, the secretary general of the OAS, Luis Almagro, introduced a report for the activation of the procedure against Venezuela and therefore the convocation of the Permanent Council of the Member States between June 10 and 20, 2016, in order to discuss the application of this instrument.
Saltrón, when interviewed on the Globovision TV station, said that those States that vote in favor of the application of the Democratic Charter will be signing their sentence. “There we will know which ones are the sovereign countries” that are not subject to the orders of any empire.
“There will be demonstrated that Venezuela may be subject to a measure forced by the United States, because we do not obey (them), and they want to seize our oil reserves, the largest in the world.”
In response to the arguments presented by Almagro, regarding the existence of a humanitarian crisis, he recalled that in 1989 a 56% of the population was plunged into poverty, while a 25% were in extreme poverty and unemployment reached a 18%, a situation which, along with the liberalization of prices and the rising rates of public services, sparked a popular uprising, which was brutally repressed by the security forces of the “adeco” (Belonging to the rightwing “Acción Democrática”) administration of then.
Venezuela – as he continued pointing out- has met international standards, recognized by the UN and the Millennium Development Goals. In Revolution, more than 10 million people are studying, more than four million Venezuelans came out of poverty and the unemployment rate was reduced by 7%.
Saltrón said that in Venezuela is being applied the same strategy used in the Chile of Salvador Allende, by order of the U.S. State Department, in order to generate a crisis, by way of economic blockade, that would lead to the ousting of Nicolas Maduro. “Hunger is a weapon of war that they are applying, the greatest violation of human rights is poverty and hunger (…)”