The opposition lies: Revocatory referendum has not been activated

A commission representing the National Government visited the headquarters of the CNE to accompany the audit of signatures that the Venezuelan right wing will bring before the maximum electoral authority to activate a possible revoking referendum against President Nicolas Maduro.
In this regard, the head of the commission for the review of signatures, Jorge Rodriguez, said that its main purpose is to defend the Constitution and stressed that once again the Venezuelan opposition is deceiving the electorate and the international community as the referendum mechanism has not been activated.
«This right wing does not ever learn or rectifies, they are again deceiving the people of Venezuela and the international community by pointing out that a referendum mechanism has been activated, that is absolutely false, here has not been activated anything, was started a procedure on which was authorized a process of collecting signatures», he told to Venezolana de Television.
He also ruled that this commission will be present at all proceedings related to the collection of a one percent of the signatures, «We have the right to a full and complete audit of all the signatures and we will be present in the transcription process.»
Likewise, Rodriguez said they will request for all measures offered by the laws to protect the work of the National Electoral Council and its rectors, so they are not victims of aggressions.
Finally, he said that countries that do not have the figure of a revoking referendum in their Constitutions, have no right to be giving opinions about Venezuela.