Delcy Rodriguez: The Truth is going to be known, and justice is going to impose

The President of the Commission for Truth, Justice and Peace, Delcy Rodríguez, reported that this body maintains dialogue with different opposition sectors that participated in violence for political purposes, with a view to a process of national reconciliation.

In a press conference with international media, Rodríguez said that the leadership of the opposition is being left isolated in Venezuela.

“Are only by the side of their imperial masters, those who have been given express orders not to participate in dialogue”, she said.

She pointed out that the Commission for Truth is working without distinction of affiliation or partisanship of the victims of political violence.

Rodríguez said that if there is any official or agent of the State who is involved in any case of violence, will be brought to justice.

She emphasized on the case of the young David Vallenilla, who was assassinated during a protest called by the opposition, which was presented as soon as it was immediately installed the commission, which attended the boy’s father.

“There is no political or partisan discourse that can interfere with the truth. The truth will be known and justice will impose”, she said.