Venezuela does not recognize arbitrary report on terrorism issued by the United States

The Government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela rejects the offensive references on Venezuela contained in the Report on Terrorism of 2017, issued by the United States of America Department of State.

Venezuela does not recognize such a unilateral and arbitrary practice that simulates evaluating and qualifying other countries, even more so when the alleged evaluator is nothing more and nothing less than the main protagonist of State terrorism in the world, through the manufacture of unjustifiable fratricide wars, to maintain illegal centers of detention and torture and of the open financing of terrorist groups in order to defend their economic and geopolitical interests, without ever repairing the pain, death and destruction that these actions leave in their wake.

Likewise, to threaten with the use of military force against Venezuela or against any other country, as well as the imposition of unilateral coercive measures and illegal economic blockades, constitute undeniable modalities to cause terror and generate suffering in peaceful societies.

Recently, President Nicolás Maduro and the highest authorities of the Venezuelan State were the object of a terrorist attack, precisely planned and financed in the United States of America, which fortunately did not fulfill its perverse objectives.

The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela will continue to fight tirelessly against international terrorism through cooperation with civilized countries that seek to maintain world peace and security. Today, with more firmness and conviction, Venezuela ratifies that it will continue to fight this scourge until its total eradication.