President Nicolás Maduro: Two cases of the Delta variant detected in Venezuela

The President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro reported this Sunday that two positive cases of the Delta strain of Covid 19 have been detected in the country.

“We are facing a new threat with the Delta and Delta Plus strains”, warned the Venezuelan Head of State during the presentation of the weekly balance of the Presidential Commission for the fight and control of Covid 19.

The regional president explained that the first of these cases is that of a young athlete, from Turkey, who resides in Miranda state, and the second case is that of a 56-year-old doctor, resident in Caracas, both coming from abroad who arrived to the country through the Maiquetía airport (in La Guaira state).

When expanding the information, at the request of President Maduro, the Minister of Science and Technology, Gabriela Jiménez, indicated that both patients had already been vaccinated so they maintain the disease in a mild condition and that they have not infected any of their close contacts, which was verified after performing the corresponding tests.

She also assured that both patients remain isolated and under permanent medical supervision.

To prepare protocols:

Given the arrival of this variant of the Sars-Cov2 coronavirus in the country, Minister Jiménez urged for protection measures to be maintained, since “the Delta strain is 60% more contagious, compared to the British variant that also circulates in Venezuela”.

Faced with this scenario, President Nicolás Maduro instructed to prepare the protocols to face the Delta variant “because that is the one that comes, let’s prepare the treatments”

In this sense, he announced that the 7 + 7 scheme will be maintained throughout the country to reinforce the fight against the Delta variant throughout the national territory.

He pointed out that this Monday, July 26, seven days of quarantine will begin “with flexibility and self-control, maintaining security measures, cleaning and distancing, a flexible quarantine we could say, but the 7 + 7 (scheme) is maintained”, he said.

“In Venezuela, without a doubt, we must maintain the 7 + 7 because we already have the Delta strain among us, we can seek a form of flexibility during the weeks of radical quarantine”, he emphasized.

125 CDIs will be mass vaccination centers:

Similarly, President Maduro announced the beginning of the third stage of mass vaccination throughout the country, a plan that has been able to advance thanks to the application of Russian, Chinese and Cuban vaccines: “We await the shipment of Covax, which is key to advance”.

He reported that to date 3,612,473 people have been vaccinated throughout the country, and announced that the network of 310 mass vaccination centers will be expanded with the opening of 125 new mass vaccination centers, which will be installed in each of the Integral Diagnostic Centers (CDI) of the country, which will be mass vaccination centers against COVID-19, starting this week.

He affirmed that in the months of August and September “very important steps” will be taken in the mass vaccination process in Venezuela.

He pointed out that one of the goals is to achieve the vaccination of 70% of the population before the end of the year and to be able, among other objectives, to return to face-to-face classes from October:

“My hope is to see all the boys and girls in their schools, the young people in their universities, in October, we are working on that,” he said.