CNE extends application period for municipal elections

The National Electoral Council, in response to requests submitted by a group of organizations for political purposes, decided to extend the period for the application process via the Internet for the municipal elections of December 9, which began on September 10 and will be extended until Friday 21 of the current month.

With this reprogramming, it is established that the submission of applications will be made between September 22 and 27. Likewise, a new period from 22 to 29 is set for procedures of admission, rejection or declaratory for not submitting applications. During the same period, the recovery of collections may be carried out.

The filing of appeals against the decisions on the applications will also be made from September 22 to 29, while the resolution of resources will be made from the 23 to 29 of that same month. The closing act will be issued on September 30.
Likewise, October 2 was set as the deadline for the substitutions and modifications to be reflected on the ballot. Between November 3 and 9 will be made the substitution and modification of nominations of candidates by list, which are not reflected in the ballot, while the nominations will be made in the period between November 3 and 29.

On October 8, the act of choosing a position on the ballot will be carried out by organizations with national political ends, while on the 10th of that same month regional organizations will do so.

Parity and alternability:

It should be noted that both national and regional political organizations qualified to participate in these elections, must nominate their candidates respecting the gender equity provision, which establishes a proportion not greater than 60% for one sex and not less than 40% for the other.