Bricomiles repair CDI in Catia La Mar to guarantee public health in La Guaira

“The Military Community Brigades (Bricomil) are the creative delivery method, the delivery that resolves”, stated President Nicolás Maduro Moros on Tuesday, when inspecting the comprehensive repair work being carried out at the Integral Diagnostic Center (CDI) of Catia La Mar, in La Guaira state.

We are making repairs so that it becomes brand new again and as we do with the union of the people, the People’s Power and the Military Power, the Bricomiles, a socialist solution in the phase of rebirth and necessary transformation,” said the national president.

“Here we are in the CDI of Catia La Mar, precisely with the Bricomiles, full of drive and joy,” said the dignitary.

Accompanied by the first combatant woman, Cilia Flores; the defense minister, Vladimir Padrino López; the governor of La Guaira, José Alejandro Terán; deputy Nicolás Ernesto Maduro Guerra and representatives of the Cuban Medical Mission in Venezuela, the president offered a day for health and the balance of the 1×10 of the Good Governance.

The head of state took the opportunity to deliver an ambulance for patients who are treated by the CDI, which was put into service by Commander Hugo Chávez in 2005.

Governor Terán reported that in approximately two weeks or 15 days, the repairs should be ready, with all the services of medical specialties, including an operating room for minor surgeries.

He reported that in La Guaira there are eight CDIs that have been rehabilitated to provide comprehensive care to the people, especially the most vulnerable ones.

He compared the current Public Health system to the people of La Guaira, which has delivered medical services in 15 days with more than 2,194 hospitalizations, 321 x-rays, 87 echosonograms, 1,815 laboratory tests, 391 people undergoing elective surgeries and 104 emergency interventions.

The governor said that in this period, would the public health service not exist, the people of La Guaira would have had to spend a total of 23,258,000 bolivars in the private health sector, a cost equivalent to 2,907,314 dollars.