New salary scale approved for all public workers in the country

The Vice President of Communication, Culture and Tourism, Jorge Rodríguez, informed that was approved the salary scale of public employees at the national level.

At his departure from the Council of Ministers number 368, from the vice presidency of the Republic in Caracas, the Chief of the communication portfolio said that this scale organizes the public administration to unify the salaries of all employees no matter where they work:

“It organizes the public administration, so that a public employee of the different spaces where it operates will not have differential salaries, but will have only one table within the administration”, he said.

Finally, he exhorted the private entrepreneurs to dump the payroll information of their companies to pay the first quota corresponding to the first week worked in September, and recalled that on Friday September 14 will be deposited the second week worked in the month of September and the third payment is scheduled for next September 28, with the second half of the month, and then regularized in biweekly payments from October.