Rangel calls on the people to remain alert against coup pretensions

Journalist José Vicente Rangel called on Sunday to the Venezuelan people to be alert against the pretenses of the Venezuelan right wing to accelerate their coup-plotting plans.
“It would be unfortunate if the euphoria with which that media and partisan right wing grouped in the MUD -Democratic Unity Board- celebrated what happened in the Chamber of Deputies in Brazil is (…) a stimulus to accelerate the plans they have already made and which are in progress. I affirm this with full responsibility”, said Rangel at the beginning of his program “Jose Vicente Hoy” (Jose Vicente Today), broadcast this May 1.
He warned that what happens in Brazil has a projection on the rest of Latin America, especially its media impact.
Since the Venezuelan opposition is accustomed to copy foreign destabilizing experiences and to require support beyond the borders of Venezuela, Rangel expressed his hope that in the sectors of the right wing rules the common sense and they do not react with the same irresponsibility with which they perpetrated the coup d’etat of April 11, 2002, the oil sabotage between 2002 and 2003 and the promotion of terrorist actions and “guarimbas” (street riot barricades) of 2014, for their intentions to destabilize and overthrow the Bolivarian Government.