Head of State creates Grand Mission Quadrants of Peace

The President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, announced the creation of the Great Mission Quadrants of Peace.

“We are going to engage, as never before, with the experience gained, to build the public security system for our people. Great Quadrant of Peace Mission”, he assured during the award ceremony to PNB officials.

“The quadrants of peace are the solution to build a secure nation, a Venezuela of citizen peace”, he affirmed, and asserted that the general power of the State and the Nation should concentrate on building its institutions for the quadrants of peace.

The President assigned the Executive Vice President and the Vice President for Territorial Sovereignty the responsibility to define the lines of action of the new great mission.

“If we, fellow vice-president, (with) all the missions and great missions, with the Carnet De La Patria (Homeland Card), we go to the quadrants of peace and establish the communication systems so that the citizen has the option to have the police servants, sooner than later it must work throughout the whole country”, he said.

He stressed that it is in the peace quadrant that security is built.