Executive issued Emergency Decree against NA's unconstitutional decisions

Since the National Assembly has openly declared that it will not abide by decisions of the Supreme Tribunal of Justice (TSJ), and after the veto they «imposed» against the minister for Alimentatin, President Nicolas Maduro announced the review of the Constitutional articles that empower him to face the attempt by the counter-revolutionary majority to undermine the national economy and the smooth development of the National Government.
«We will bring a special emergency decree, because we can not stand for the sabotages by the National Assembly. They meet to see what they can do to sabotage» he said from the Puerto La Cruz refinery in Anzoategui state, during an assembly with oil workers in the Deep Conversion project to process crude oil from the Orinoco Oil Strip.
In this regard, he instructed the Vice President Aristobulo Isturiz to review the constitutional articles to make a decree within the framework of the Economic Emergency, in force since January, «to constitutionally annul, while the economic emergency lasts, any sabotage that might make the National Assembly against any minister, institution or body of the People’s Power», he said, while the workers effusively supported the measure.