NAM at the UN advocates adoption of peaceful means for the resolution of disputes

The Chancellor of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Jorge Arreaza, on behalf of the Movement of Non-Aligned Countries (NAM) committed himself this Tuesday at the United Nations to the maintenance, consolidation and sustainability of world peace.

During his speech at the United Nations High Level Meeting on the Consolidation and Sustaining of Peace, he stressed that one of the objectives of the NAM is: “The adoption of effective measures to suppress acts of aggression or other violations of peace, with the purpose of defending, promoting, and encouraging the resolution of international disputes through peaceful means”.

In this regard, he encouraged the international community “not to spare efforts in the field of conflict prevention and the maintenance of peace” in the face of growing threats against international security.

“The prevention of the outbreak, continuation or recurrence of conflicts is therefore a collective responsibility, but more importantly, it is a national responsibility that could sometimes benefit from the objective and impartial assistance of the United Nations, which provide it with prior request and in collaboration with regional, subregional and other relevant organizations, as appropriate”.

Arreaza also stressed, on behalf of the NAM, the necessary participation of all sectors of society in peace processes. “Integration is a key element to obtain progress in the objective processes of consolidation of national peace with the purpose of guaranteeing that the needs of all sectors of society are taken into consideration”.

The 120 member countries of the NAM confirmed their commitment to promoting the peaceful resolution of disputes and all UN resolutions.