This Tuesday starts ideological congress of the working class

Today, the ideological congress of the working class is set up in Caracas with the participation of spokespersons of workers from all over the country, according to Constituent William Golindano.

During an interview on the “Al Aire” (On Air) program, broadcast by Venezolana de Televisión, the Constituent specified that the meeting will take place at the headquarters of the National Institute for Training and Recreation of Workers (Incret), in El Paraíso.

He stressed that this experience will be transferred to all the states of the country “for the elaboration of the new ideological conception of the productive model that Venezuela needs from the hand of the workers”.

Golindano said that the workers will accompany President Nicolás Maduro in boosting the productive process, so he asked the Head of State to trust the working class, “we will not disappoint you, we will not leave you alone, we will move forward and everything we have to do, the workers will do it that way”.

The constituent also referred to the participation of the Workers Productive Councils (CPT) in the stabilization plan of the economy announced by the National President, which starts with the measure of restructuring of the municipal markets.

In this regard, he recalled that the CPTs are workers’ organizations that are directly involved in the production of food and basic necessities, so they will exercise control tasks of the raw material, as well as supervision of the entire production process and distribution.

“We are giving everything for the whole to defend and promote a productive revolutionary policy in the hands of President Nicolás Maduro.”