Imperial Coalitions Pretend to tear down Nation State in Venezuela

The Strategic Operational Commander of the FANB, (A / J) Remigio Ceballos, denounced that the imperial coalitions intend to overthrow the Nation State in Venezuela in order to seize power.

“Here what they want is to tear down the Nation State, they intend to be in power and have everything intact (…) we are developing new methods for us to determine in an immense number of decisions to take the most recommendable to be able to do the right advice for the fulfillment of the objectives of our defensive campaign plans”, he said.

During an interview on the “Dossier” program, broadcast by VTV, Ceballos ratified that the defense actions, among other areas promoted by the Bolivarian Government of President Nicolás Maduro, will allow the construction of the Empowered Venezuela.

“Venezuela will be a great nation, a power, and we as the FANB will always keep the legacy of our Supreme Commander Hugo Chávez (…) Venezuela is a country where we live in full freedom, we do not hide the difficulties, but they are induced difficulties. These are totally different conditions than those in the past”, he stressed.

He added that the militia is cohesionate along with the FANB to guarantee the defense of the national territory within the framework of any type of armed, unarmed and humanitarian operations.

On the border situation with Colombia, he assured that the military corps are deployed in inhospitable terrain in order to guarantee the blockade against the different cross-border crimes.