Was officially installed BlockChain Observatory in Venezuela

This Tuesday was formally installing the National Blockchain Observatory, which will be in charge of governing the main policies for the design of the Venezuelan Petro crypto-currency.

The information was made known through a live transmission on the Twitter social network shared by the Minister of People’s Power for University Education, Science and Technology, Hugbel Roa, who, in the company of the person in charge of the Superintendence of the Crypto-currency of Venezuela, Carlos Vargas, among other experts, stressed the importance of this financial technological mechanism.

In statements to the press, Roa explained that the Venezuelan crypto-currency will represent an alternative to the traditional financial system with which it is trying to block many countries and will promote progress in terms of monetary sovereignty.

“The installation of this center will lead us to strengthen a permanent observatory of the behavior of the currency that Venezuela is going to have, and all crypto-currencies and crypto-assets that can be generated in the country”, he added.

Crypto-currencies are a kind of currency that use digital encryption for operations, such as money transfers or payment of a certain product or service. Unlike traditional currencies, this type of money only exists on the web, and its generation and storage is eminently digital.

Hugbel Roa
“LIVE in #Periscope: Official installation of the Observatory of BlockChain and Crypto-assets in Venezuela https://www.pscp.tv/w/bP6a9zFEWktvZXZhdm1ZRWF8MVJER2xubVdSamp4TA9b_9-0jKsG4jqGpBb7Y9kivCg2kxjR-g8JUdiwMokd …”
11:25 – 12 Dec 2017

Hugbel Roa
“LIVE in #Periscope: Official installation of the Observatory of BlockChain and Criptoactivo in Venezuela https://www.pscp.tv/w/bP61YjFEWktvZXZhdm1ZRWF8MW1yR21abW5temdKeS6Nw4kVRyJ4ao4zSBsnCCEB1VXGhYwnLV5viXJc_RSp …”
13:18 – 12 Dec 2017