Rangel: With Fabricio Ojeda, the dignity of the people enters the National Pantheon

«With Fabricio Ojeda enters to the National Pantheon the dignity of the Venezuelan people,» said this Monday theVenezuelan journalist and politician Jose Vicente Rangel during the ceremony of arrival at the National Pantheon of the remains of this revolutionary leader.

Rangel said that this act demonstrates the social and political changes that Ojeda represented in the country during the governments of the Fourth Republic.

«With Fabricio Ojeda enters the legion of humble compatriots, workers, teachers, housewives, young people. That immense crowd that accompanied his remains today, is a warning to the enemies, to the adversaries», he said.

He emphasized that the revolutionary leader met the innate conditions of a leader that allowed to reach the popular victory of the January 23 (1958). In addition, he managed to unite the popular forces to fight against the all-powerful power of the dictatorship. «That’s why Fabrizio Ojeda was always a danger, he was a cause of concern for all the governments of the Fourth Republic,» he said.

He emphasized that the martyr’s rifle represents a symbol of the history and reality of the country: «Because it is the same rifle that the young officers took on February 4 (1992) to propose a different alternative of power.»

The journalist indicated that the revolutionary courage of this young patriot allowed him to fight against the neoliberal policies of the Fourth Republic that had plunged the people into misery.

«Fabrizio Ojeda was an authentic man, a real man, in the highest sense of the word. He was an intellectual, he was a political leader, he was a school teacher, he was a worker. Fabricio Ojeda combined extraordinary virtues and for that reason he does not have to give many returns to the objective of its murder «, he said.