6.5 tons of gold were transferred to the BCV vaults

The Minister of People’s Power for Mining and Ecological Development, Víctor Hugo Cano Pacheco, announced that 6.5 tons of gold from the Orinoco Mining Arc were transferred to the vaults of the Central Bank of Venezuela (BCV) in Caracas, for the development of social plans carried out by the Bolivarian Government.

From the La Llovizna National Park, in Bolívar state, Cano indicated that on Tuesday some 56 gold bars were delivered to the BCV, whose weight is estimated at 558.47 kilograms, as part of the work of 2017 of the Corporación Venezolana de Guayana Minerven CA (Minerven) and artisanal miners.

For his part, the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, highlighted the work that the workers of the corporation are carrying out together with the artisanal miners for the development of the country: “It becomes into wealth and investment for our people. The gold for our people”, he said.

He also asked the gold workers to give 2 billion dollars in mineral to the nation in 2018: “is a basic goal, a viable, verifiable one, I think you can surpass that”, he concluded.