Ministerial Council of the Gas Exporting Countries Forum rejects US sanctions against Venezuela

The Forum of Gas Exporting Countries (FGEC) unanimously rejects the illegal sanctions that the United States government seeks to impose on Venezuela. At the extraordinary meeting of the Forum’s ministers, the Declaration of Santa Cruz de la Sierra was approved, which contains a point where the hostile attitude of Washington is repudiated, for economically blocking the Venezuelan people.

This Friday for final approval the document will be submitted for consideration by the heads of state and Government that will be present at the 4th FGEC Summit in this Bolivian city.

In his participation, the holder of the oil, gas and petrochemical office indicated that the gas producing countries, participants in the Forum, reject the illegal and inhuman sanctions that the government of the North American empire intends to apply to Venezuela. He recalled that other nations of the FGEC have also been victims of Washington’s imperialist actions.

At the extraordinary ministerial meeting of the Forum, Del Pino highlighted the work to create a gas price index. “It is important to defend fair prices of hydrocarbons as well as to fight against speculators that have attacked the oil and gas market.”

The Venezuelan Minister stressed that the work done by the OPEC + countries to stabilize the world oil market is an important experience that could be transferred to the gas field through joint actions of the Forum of Gas Exporting Countries.

The Ministers agreed that the Republic of Equatorial Guinea will host, in 2019, the V Summit of Heads of State and Government of the Forum of Gas Exporting Countries.

It should be noted that the president of the Plurinational State of Bolivia, Evo Morales, shared briefly with the ministers participating in the Forum. He expressed his satisfaction with the efforts of the gas and hydrocarbon producing nations in general in promoting fair price defense policies for these non-renewable resources.