Guanipa was dismissed for contempt of the ANC and laws of the Republic

Through a telephone contact with Venezolana de Televisión, the president of the National Constituent Assembly (ANC), Delcy Rodriguez, questioned the conduct of the candidate elected to the Governorate of Zulia state, Juan Pablo Guanipa, who was removed from office for contempt before the laws of the Republic and to the plenipotentiary body that summoned of legal form the regional elections of the past October 15.

“A delicate situation occurred in Zulia state, where the governor-elect refused openly and deliberately to disown the National Constituent Assembly, after having participated in an electoral process called by the same”, she said.

Rodriguez denounced that Guanipa not only violated the Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, but also the state system contemplated in the Magna Carta of Zulia state.

“He attacked and violated article 349 of the CRBV, violated the state system contemplated in the Constitution of Zulia state … he knew that he should sworn before the constituent before being able to take possession and sworn before the State Legislative Council,” he said.

He assured that the Constituent Power summoned by the head of State, Nicolás Maduro will remain firm in its objective of defending the people and preserving the rule of law in the country, making reference to the call for elections in Zulia state for the month of December.

“After we received from the Legislative Council of Zulia state the declaration of absolute abandonment of this Governor- elected, we have called for elections in Zulia state for this December”.

He added that the decision was taken for the tranquility of the constituents and voters of the entity, emphasizing that the constituent will act firmly to guarantee the governability in the country.