Peace has triumphed, the Bolivarian and Chavista Venezuela has triumphed

The President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro assured that with the perfect victory of the Bolivarian Revolution in at least 17 of the 23 states of the country, will consolidate the Peace of the nation.

“In Venezuela there is a guarantee for democracy and participation … let us prepare for a good end of the year 2017, and for a year 2018 of greatness. Peace has triumphed, the great Homeland has triumphed, has won the Bolivarian and Chavista Venezuela (…) Long live the victory of October 15, a victory of history”, he said from Miraflores Palace after the election results were known.

The National President expressed his congratulations to the people of Venezuela for the participation record for regional elections with a 61.4%, giving a strong message to the world of a democratic behavior.

“61.4% record of participation in an election of governors. It is the highest in 15 years (…) more than 10 million voters. I want to congratulate the 10 million voters who went out to tell the world that in Venezuela there is a democracy, we want peace, we want freedom, we want the Homeland … here is a single sovereign: The sovereign people of Venezuela, owner and lord of these historical times”, he said.

He emphasized the decisive victory of the revolutionary forces, once again placing the United Socialist Party of Venezuela as the main political force in Venezuela, while recognizing the results issued by the National Electoral Council (CNE).

“Let them write this in Washington … at this hour we got 17 governorates, a sharp victory, chavismo swept in the elections. From now I say it, I acknowledge the results of the elections in all the announcements made by the CNE (…) I congratulate all the elected Governors, men and women. The opposition has won 5 victories, we acknowledge them as we have always done”, he said.

“I have to inform that in the counting of the national vote Chavismo has taken 54% of the national votes, compared to 45% of the opposition, 9 points apart. Chavismo resumed the path of victory in very difficult moments … this victory is a moral and political feat of the Venezuelan people who have learned to resist the clashes of the oligarchy, and have said No to sanctions, Not to interventionism”, he said.

He added that the Revolutionary forces have the option of adding the 18th Governorship in Bolivar state, where there is no irreversible trend yet.

“There is a Governorship in dispute … at this hour everything indicates that we could be won the 18th Governorship, which is that of Bolivar state.”

He said that Venezuela is a country of a democratic alternation, where the people are the owners of their own destiny.

“We are a country of democratic alternation, of freedom, and in each election we either win or lose, and we know how to win (…) we win to work (…) When we lose, we acknowledge it by the middle street”, he said.

“We have won 75% of the country’s Governorates … and if we win Bolivar it would be a 78%. That is only seen in Venezuela. That is only made by Chavismo. Chavismo is alive, is in the streets and is triumphant”, he said.