In the coming hours! Will present evidences of paramilitary plan to assassinate Maduro

Nicolas Maduro, President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, announced on Wednesday night on a national radio and television joint broadcast to the country that “in the coming hours” will show the evidences of a new plan against him.
“In the coming hours we are going to show the evidences of paramilitary camps that were discovered in Miranda state with plans to assassinate me, I did not wanted to bring these here today, to not make the climate rare, because we have to be on the streets,” he said from the Poliedro de Caracas.
In that regard, he called on the political parties, on social movements “to everyone” not to make mistakes of any kind, “Let the people take care of us, because we have some criminals in front”, he said.
The Head of State installed the National Plenary of the Homeland Congress and said “it is the most powerful tool to build the new majority of the new historic bloc and thus defeat the coup pretenses of the Adeco(*)-bourgeois National Assembly. The Homeland Congress vs. the National Assembly of the bourgeoisie”, assured Maduro on the national broadcast. “To achieve these goals, it must be transformed into a powerful instrument to implement the three ‘Rs’: Rectification, Rebellion and Rebirth of the Bolivarian revolution,” he added.
(*): Which belongs to the right-wing “Acción Democrática” political party.