60 countries condemned US interference in the Proclaim of Caracas

Intellectuals, social activists and personalities from 60 countries ratified their commitment to peace, dialogue and respect among nations to achieve stability and maintain the sovereignty and self-determination of the peoples.

This vision is registered in the Proclaim of Caracas, a document approved in the Journey “Todos Somos Venezuela” (We All Are Venezuela): global dialogue for peace, sovereignty and Bolivarian democracy, held between September 16 and 19 in the Venezuelan capital city.

After the summit, the international delegations committed themselves to the defense of the Bolivarian Revolution, a task they assume as an inescapable task to help the Venezuelan people in its struggle for the right to sovereignty, independence, self-determination and integration of our peoples .

At the working tables, the participants debated issues such as fascist violence in the first half of the year, which claimed the lives of more than 100 citizens, permanent international political aggressions, threats of military intervention, and economic blockades.

Following, the full text:


The representatives of political, social, religious and workers’ organizations; and the personalities and intellectuals from 60 countries of the world who have met in Caracas, from September 16 to 19, 2017, within the framework of the World Journey “Todos Somos Venezuela” (We all are Venezuela): Dialogue for Peace, Sovereignty and Bolivarian Democracy” ; we firmly support the people and Government of Venezuela in the face of the attacks of US imperialism, which daily aggravates its actions of destabilization against the Bolivarian Homeland; actions that have their most dramatic expression in the fascist violence unleashed between the months of April to July of this year, which left the unfortunate balance of 115 citizens who died, thousands of injured, widespread destruction and psychological aggression that was the object of all Venezuelan people.

Today, the US imperialism assumes a political aggression, embodied directly in the person of US President Donald Trump, who, in addition to threatening to use his military forces against Venezuela, leads a diplomatic encirclement rarely seen from the Organization of American States. American States (OAS), with the participation of some governments of the area, in order to undermine the strength of Bolivarian democracy; at the same time, through an Executive Order, officialized the practice of the financial blockade that had been applied “to stifle the Venezuelan economy.”

The imperialist aggression against the Bolivarian Revolution is a flagrant violation of the Proclaim of Latin America and the Caribbean as a Zone of Peace, endorsed by the presidents of all the countries of the region during the Second Summit of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC ), held in Havana in January 2014, which defends the sovereign right of each country to define its own destiny without any foreign interference.

The Government of President Donald Trump, along with prominent spokesmen and spokespeople of the Venezuelan anti-nationalist opposition, deploys a plan aimed at destabilizing state institutions through a set of maneuvers that were unveiled and defeated thanks to a political decision of a high caliber, which is based on the philosophical thought of Commander Hugo Chavez, the historical leader of the Bolivarian Revolution, as was the election, installation and start-up of the National Constituent Assembly.

With the Constituent Assembly, the Venezuelan people inaugurates a new historical moment, which ratifies and deepens the foundations of the social, democratic, law and justice state enshrined in the Bolivarian Constitution of 1999; at the same time, was reached peace, in a clear demonstration of the failure of the forces of the extreme right wing who carried out the horror of the generalized violence.

The representatives of political, social, religious and workers’ organizations; and the personalities and intellectuals attending this World Journey “Todos Somos Venezuela” (We are all Venezuela: Dialogue for Peace, Sovereignty and Bolivarian Democracy), we are firmly convinced of the importance of the political dialogue promoted by President Nicolás Maduro, who had his expression most recently in the meeting held in the Dominican Republic by representatives of the Bolivarian Government with those of the so-called Board of Democratic Unity, an alliance that brings together all the factors of the Venezuelan opposition. Hence, we strongly support the proposed dialogue promoted by the Bolivarian Government.

We emphasize that, quite contrary to what is affirmed by the extreme right wing factors in different parts of the world, with the support of the great multinationals of disinformation; the electoral and democratic agenda continues. In Venezuela, in a few weeks there will be regional elections, and the municipal and presidential elections will be in 2018; as well as the referendum that will confirm or not the new constitutional text being elaborated by the National Constituent Assembly. What country in the world can expose a democratic practice of such a dimension?

Hence, we condemn the blatant lie, false news and misrepresentations about the Venezuelan reality, as the main strategy with which is wanted to discredit the Bolivarian Revolution and the legitimate Government of President Nicolás Maduro.

We also support the efforts of the Government and the people of Venezuela to overcome the serious problems arising from the economic war, conducted from the highest levels of the US Government.

Our commitment to peace, sovereignty and Bolivarian democracy is intimately linked to the development of a broad and permanent day of solidarity in each country, driven by every political, social, religious and workers’ organization of democratic character participating in this Journey.

The defense of the Bolivarian Revolution is an inescapable duty of the peoples of Latin America, the Caribbean and the world; in the understanding that in Venezuela is defended the right to sovereignty, independence, self-determination and integration of our peoples.

In the words of José Martí, with the defense of the independence of Venezuela we will avoid the United States to fall with that force more on our lands of the Americas.

Caracas, September 19, 2017