1,276 candidates postulated for regional elections

The President of the National Electoral Council (CNE), Tibisay Lucena, reported on Saturday that a total of 1,276 aspiring candidates postulated for the 23 seats of the Governorships that will be chosen in the regional elections to be held in October.

In a statement transmitted by VTV, Lucena highlighted that 523 candidates ran by their own initiative. Following the unanimous approval of the National Csonstituent Assembly (ANC) of the constitutional decree to hold the regional elections next October, initially scheduled for December 10, Lucena said that “The CNE has been working to begin the reprogramming of the electoral schedule and ordered the National Electoral Board to present as soon as possible this reprogramming with the date of the election for October as requested by the National Constituent Assembly” .

In this regard, he detailed that for next August 16 the CNE conducted the audit of the electoral registry, which recorded that for these elections are summoned a total of 18,094,065 Venezuelans. In these elections the voters of the Capital District will not be included, due to having a special regime of Government that does not foresee the election of a Governor or a legislative council, nor the Venezuelans residing abroad.

This electoral process was anticipated after a proposal made by Constituent Earle Herrera during his speech at the fourth session of the ANC.