President Maduro: It is not the same Pope Francis than the Vatican Secretary of State

Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro said this Saturday in an interview with Argentine radio station Radio Rebelde, that the Vatican Secretary of State Pietro Parolín “has fallen into the hands of the most extremist sectors of the world, the cupolas of the Catholic Church of Venezuela”.

“He has put the Vatican Secretary of State at the service of aggression against the Bolivarian Revolution, against the legitimate Government of Venezuela and against Venezuela as a whole”, said the Head of State.

“One thing are we, Catholics and Christians, the people of Christ, one thing is the trajectory of Pope Francis as a defender of the Christian people with his humility, and another very different thing is the structure of the Secretary of State of the Vatican, of the bureaucracy” , Clarified the Venezuelan President.

The National President, Nicolás Maduro, made the remarks when he was consulted on the communiqué of the Vatican Secretary of State requesting the suspension of the National Constituent Assembly that was installed this Friday, August 4, and elected last Sunday with more than 8 million votes.