Ultra-right wing has been kidnapped by terrorist groups

Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro warned on Sunday that Venezuelan ultra-right wing, subordinated to the designs of the Yankee empire, has been kidnapped by the terrorist and criminal groups that it created, «They fell into their own trap»; a denounce that he asked not to lose sight of.

«They would like to take a step back to return to politics and they cannot do so, because the criminal groups they created throughout the country have the control of the ultra-right wing.»

During the broadcast of the 88th edition of the program «Domingos con Maduro» (Sundays with Maduro), from the spaces of the Teresa Carreño Theater in Caracas, Maduro asked «what would happen in the country if the ultra-right wing came into power? (…) What would these people do if they took power? Would the missions continue? Would continue the credits to humble women? Would they continue to respect the people? What would they do with power? Who would rule? »

He recalled what happened in Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, where terrorist groups seized political and military power, who were self-elected under the complicit gaze of the US Government and NATO.

Maduro decreed this Sunday the defeat of the attempt of a coup d’ etat in Venezuela: «They are defeated in the first line. In Venezuela will overcome, peace, the Constituent Assembly and democracy».