Republican Moral Council rejects terrorism and endorses ANC

On Monday, the Ombudsman, Tareck William Saab, read a statement in which on behalf of the Republican Moral Council rejects the violent actions perpetrated by terrorist groups of the Venezuelan right wing.

“Violence and clashes cannot be mechanisms to resolve the differences between Venezuelans … they can not be mechanisms to address this situation because they only generate pain and disagreement,” says the text released by Saab and broadcast through Venezolana de Televisión .

Referring to the call made by the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, to a National Constituent Assembly, the Ombudsman affirmed that it “guarantees the participation of all sectors, since it represents a constitutional exit.”

The text adds that the ANC is pertinent, because it “leads to an electoral exit”, as a way to solve the situation in which the country is immersed.

Saab ended with a call for sovereignty, tolerance between peers “and foreign non-interference in the country’s internal affairs.”

Following, the full statement:



In my capacity as President of the Republican Moral Council, an organ of expression of the Citizen Power, after the respective deliberation in a session held for that purpose, I proceed to issue an official communiqué of this collegiate body regarding Decree No. 2,830, by means of which the Citizen President of the Republic made the call to a National Constituent Assembly.

The Republican Moral Council reaffirms that the only way to live in society is dialogue and peace, that violence and confrontation cannot, and should not be the mechanisms to resolve the differences between Venezuelan men and women, that our Magna Carta is a Instrument for the welfare and development of the collective; For this reason, it can be modernized and adapted, strengthening the democratic, participatory and inclusive spirit.

1.- It is undeniable that our Republic goes through an exceptional moment; As well as it is undeniable that the exit to this situation is in the peace, the dialogue and the reunion between the Venezuelans and Venezuelans that we wish the best thing for the Homeland. Violence and confrontation cannot be the mechanisms to deal with this situation, because they only generate pain and disagreement.

2.- The convening to a National Constituent Assembly guarantees the participation of all sectors of society, since it is a perfectly constitutional solution to the crisis that we live, since its convocation by the President of the Republic is foreseen in Article 348 of our Constitution. But in addition, we consider that it is pertinent because it involves the call to a propositional debate and because it leads to an electoral exit to this historic juncture we live.

3.- Our Magna Carta was designed as an instrument for the development of the person and respect for his dignity, the democratic exercise of the people’s will, the construction of a just and peace-loving society and the promotion of prosperity and the welfare of the people. As a common letter to Venezuelans, it was also designed to modernize and adapt to new times, such as today.

4.- Therefore, in its articles are provided for the mechanisms for its amendment, reform or even for its total transformation. We must remember that these mechanisms were already used by President Hugo Chavez on two occasions: the first, in the proposal for a Constitutional Reform in 2007 and the second in the Constitutional Amendment in 2009, approved by a referendum.

5.- We consider that the current call is a unique opportunity that must be advanced with consultation to all sectors of society without any discrimination, and that in its conformation reflect the diversity of our nation and ensure the active participation of the country, both in its debates and in its results. To this end, the committees must allow the entire Venezuelan population to be faithfully represented in it.

6.- The National Constituent Assembly should have as its goal the strengthening of dialogue, understanding and national coexistence, which are the basis for democratic development and full observance of Human Rights, so that it must be a space that guarantees the Peace of the Republic in the years to come.

7. Finally, we call for the defense of national sovereignty, independence, foreign non-interference in the internal affairs of the country, tolerance and respect among equals. We reiterate that the peaceful debate of ideas is the way to resolve our differences. This aforementioned constitutional mechanism with the active participation of everyone is a great opportunity that must not be taking for granted by any sector in the country, in order to advance towards a future of inclusion and prosperity that we all men and women desire.