Denounced parliamentary intention to incapacitate Executive Power from Mining

Deputy Julio Chavez denounced that the project to partially amend the Organic Law on Exploration and Exploitation of Gold, approved by the circumstantial right wing majority of the National Assembly on Tuesday, tries to incapacitate the Executive Power on its single faculty in this work.
“The right wing’s intention is not to contribute to the development of the gold sector and strategic mining, but to hinder it, to put obstacles, since the proposal to amend Articles 15 and 16 of this Act, what really poses is to take powers from the National Executive who is the accountant of the National Public finances”, he said.
He stressed that with this actions the “adeco”(*)- bourgeois Parliament raises to put itself above the Executive Power.
Chavez said the Government summoned on the national and international entrepreneurs to boost mining activity in the country after the organization of this sector. “We propose to certify gold reserves in order to quantify and monetize them, in order to contribute with the income to the country in foreign currency and not to depend on oil.”
The deputy recalled that the mining region was declared as a security zone in order to impose the State authority over paramilitary gangs, to which he linked to the right wing.
(*): Which belongs to the right-wing “Acción Democrática” (AD) political party.