Guinea-Bissau and Venezuela signed three bilateral agreements

Carlos Correia, Prime Minister of Guinea-Bissau, said that the signing of three bilateral agreements with Venezuela allows to strengthen ties of friendship between both nations in order to improve the living conditions of their populations, to overcome poverty and give dignity to its citizens.
“We signed three agreements and had extremely useful discussions; It could not be otherwise, this is a friendly country with whom we have political orientations, identity, a country which, along with us also has the concern to improve the living conditions of its population, to create conditions to overcome poverty and give dignity to the man, to the human being”, said the Prime Minister of the African nation.
Correia qualified Venezuela as a friendly country, which has the will to create better living conditions for its inhabitants, in his view this cooperation which dates from 2008, reached its peak in October 2009, when were signed seven cooperation agreements in the fields of health, education, energy, mining, anti-drugs, among others, noting that currently 29 students from his country are being formed in this nation.
The event took place in the “Sol del Peru” (Sun of Peru)  Hall of Miraflores Palace in Caracas, where the Ministers of Communication Agnelo Regala (from Guinea) and Luis Jose Marcano (from Venezuela) were responsible for signing the agreements, which will allow to promote knowledge exchange and strengthening of the Communication media as tools for the development and rapprochement between the two countries.