Maduro: US tries to get Venezuela into default

President Nicolás Maduro Moros, denounced this Friday afternoon, that “The United States Department of the Treasury, made financial and media operations in order to prevent Venezuela from fulfilling its financial commitments, trying to make the country fall into Default, into non-payment”.
Thus he said during his speech in the Balance of the deployment of Territorial Socialism, in the Caricuao Parish.
The National President explained, “If this happens, the country falls into a financial blockade, and Venezuela had all the conditions, as it did to pay … when it was made the exchange of the bond of Petróleos de Venezuela, SA (PDVSA), until the last minute the United States and its Treasury Department was threatening bond holders not to make the exchange, we achieved a 53% of the payment and we reached 60 billion dollars in 20 months, we do this for the country ” , stressed Maduro.
“What would be of Venezuela if I would cede to the pressures of the United States, what would be of Venezuela, of the businessmen, of the economy of the country, the accounts abroad would have been embargoed, even those of the Venezuelan businessmen,” assured the President , who called on businessmen to unite against sabotage.
“What they want, they will not get it through meanness, we must raise the guard, if the right wing gets wrong we will go for it with the Constitution and with all the weight of the law, they are rubbing their hands preparing an ambush against the country, “said Nicolás.
“A trial passed in October, we got our electronic accounts abroad closed, it is as if you go to get your money at the bank and then your account is closed, when you ask in the bank, the bank tells you that it is closed, and when you ask why your account did got closed they would tell you just because, that is what they did to the Republic”, he said.