ANC orders to investigate those who fold to the Lima Group

The National Constituent Assembly (ANC) on Tuesday ordered the Judicial, Moral and Citizen Power, to initiate an investigation “against all those who fold to the declaration of the so-called Lima Group” and to establish a commission from the supra power to accompany it with deputies Hermann Escarrá, María Alejandra Díaz and Gladys Requena.
This is stated in the decree that unanimously approved the plenipotentiary body, and that condemns the interventionist statements issued last January 4 by the self-styled Lima Group, where that coalition disowns the new mandate that President Nicolás Maduro will begin this January 10 for the 2019-2025 constitutional term.
The decree, approved in an ordinary session held in the Federal Legislative Palace, in Caracas, consists of 10 points that ratify the will of Venezuela to enforce its sovereignty before the pretensions of foreign governments to undermine Venezuelan democracy.
The ANC decrees in its first point “To categorically reject the interventionist and violatory declaration of the group of governments calling themselves the Lima Group and the countries that conform it, at the service of the interests of the US political elite. Those who through an aberrant declaration intends to take the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela to its colonial state with the purpose of altering the national order and peace in our country and the region”.
As a second point, the Originary Power repudiates that Venezuelans support this interventionist declaration that violates international law.
The third point urges the competent Public Authorities to treat as traitors to the country to anyone that support and endorse the interventionist actions that this group of countries promotes against the country.
In addition, the fourth point alerts the National Assembly, which is in a situation of judicial contempt, that of not acting in defense of national sovereignty, the ANC will take the pertinent actions “in order to correct this terrible conduct”.
Fifth, the Plenipotentiary Power welcomes the honest expressions of the world in favor of Venezuela, its sovereignty and democracy, in order to strengthen multilateralism.
The sixth point endorses all the actions that the National Executive adopts to defend the Venezuelan territory and its self-determination against aggressions “of satellite countries” that are at the service of imperial interests.
As a seventh point is ratified the provision of the ANC in transiting the paths of peace, democracy, dialogue and respect for the laws and the Constitution of the Republic as supreme values.
In addition, it urges “the National Executive, in the use of the bilateral tools of international law for the resolution of territorial disputes, where all Venezuelans, without distinction, defend our sacred rights and interests, as well as the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB), to continue exercising the necessary actions to guarantee, in a civic union, the defense of the territory”, expresses the eighth point.
The ninth point is the order given to the Judicial Power and Moral Citizen to initiate an investigation against all those that “fold to the declaration of the badly called Lima Group” and to establish a commission from the supra power that accompanies it with deputies Hermánn Escarrá, María Alejandra Díaz and Gladys Requena.
The last point establishes the publication in official gazette of this decree.