President Maduro: 2016 will be remembered as a heroic year

The Venezuelan Head of State, Nicolás Maduro, assured that 2016 will always be remembered as “The heroic year, the year in which the people did not gave up, in which the people and the Armed Forces took the streets to renew their commitment and their faith in Venezuela. ”
His statements were offered during the air and military parade, in the occasion of the 96th anniversary of the Bolivarian Military Aviation and the 24 years of the civil-military movement of November 27, 1992, held at the Military Academy of Bolivarian Aviation in Maracay , State Aragua.
President Maduro said that it brings “A spirit of renewal of faith, of moral re-foundation and daily ethics and adaptation of our Bolivarian National Armed Forces, our Bolivarian Military Aviation, to the times and doctrines of the twenty-first century.”
The National President said the homeland of Bolivar renews “every day the faith, the commitment, strategy, ability, the threats of those who want to see us on our knees, who despise us from the North and move their tentacles to try to defeat the fortress that has arisen in this heroic struggle that has given our people. ”
He emphasized on that the Bolivarian Military Aviation has the special forces “For anyone who intends someday to touch the heavens, to touch the sacred land of Bolivar. Mission accomplished, year of the special forces! “.
Maduro said that “It is very easy to navigate through the times with the winds in favor, but it is very difficult to fight in turbulent times, and you know this a lot that because you are prepared for all times, and thus you have demonstrated it”.