Chancellor: Opposition sectors disqualify CNE women with a campaign of violence

The rector of the National Electoral Council (CNE), Tania D’amelio, said that from the leadership of the opposition has unleashed a campaign of violence against women workers of this body, in order to discredit the institutionality of the electoral agency.
Through the program “Política al Desnudo” (Naked Politics), broadcast by RNV Informative channel,  rector D’amelio said that this smear campaign began in 2013, not only in the media, but also through violent mobilizations towards the regional offices, which were affected by these (violent) demonstrations.
He added that this campaign has intensified since the request for the referendum process.
“We could see it, even the last months, what they did in Táchira state, what they did in Merida state, in Zulia they burned down the headquarters, (…) of course we know that has been unleashed a climate of violence by this political sector, she pointed out.
She stressed that, on the part of the Venezuelan right wing, there is no interest in visibilizing women in the electoral process, nor in society.