Maduro: Residential investment amounts to 95 billion dollars

The Head of State, Nicolas Maduro, said on Monday that Venezuela modestly develops a revolution in housing and habitat as part of the process of social transformation that has given the country since 1999.
From Quito, Ecuador, where he participated in the Conference of United Nations (UN) on Housing and Sustainable Urban Development, he stressed that the investment to promote the construction of homes in the country amounts to 95 billion dollars since 2011, when it was born the Great Mission Housing Venezuela (GMVV).
“This represents 4 times the international reserves of Venezuela (…) is the most important investment that has been made in the country’s history,” he told in a broadcast by Venezolana de Television.
He celebrated that up to date have been delivered 1,160,000 housings across the country, while he said that the goal for 2016 is to deliver the 1,500,000th housing.
“It’s the Great Mission Housing Venezuela has allowed urban redevelopment, overcoming poverty and misery in the country,” he stressed.
The President also made specific the achievements of the Great Mission Barrio Nuevo, Barrio Tricolor, a program that involves the rehabilitation of homes in vulnerable communities. “Today we have rehabilitated a million homes,” he said.
He also explained that in the housing complexes of the Great Mission Housing are being driven projects of urban economy to change the consumerist paradigm that prevailed in oil-producing countries like Venezuela.
In this first global conference on the agenda of the UN 2030 were discussed contributions from countries, civil society, academia, government, public and private agencies on products and services for solving urban problems facing the world’s cities.