Bolivarian rebirth! Maduro called on the bases to organize for the Homeland Congress

During a meeting of cultors and communicators, held at the headquarters of the Bolivarian University of Venezuela, the President of the Republic, Nicolas Maduro, called on Wednesday to the political bases of the Bolivarian Revolution to get organized to participate in the Homeland Congress, to be held next April.
«The Homeland Congress will be a source of new ideas, leaderships, new faces, new impulses,» he said in a telephone contact with Venezolana de Television.
Maduro said that «The Homeland Congress should be the rebirth of structural changes, to truly, truly rectify», he said.
«We must revitalize our forces, we must lay some new foundations on the deep foundations of Bolivarianism and Chavismo, and make a complete renovation of the methods of the Revolution, the policies and the leadership,» he said.