Venezuelan film will show life and work of revolutionary leader Hugo Chavez

The President of the Republic, Nicolas Maduro announced on Wednesday August 24, that the Institute of Higher Studies of Political Thought of Commander Chavez, will make a film about the life and work of this revolutionary leader.
“I would like to announce this, being that a transnational company has devoted to make a film about Hugo Chavez. We have our original Chavez, his biography, the Institute of political thought, and from there we decided to make the film and a series about his life, from his Venezuela, from his land, from his original spirit”, expressed the Head of State during the presentation of the book “Hugo Chavez and the destiny of a People,” by writer German Sanchez Otero.
In this regard, he stressed that Venezuelans “We will not allow the history of Commander Chavez to be defaced”.
“We will form a team of filmmakers, writers, writers, historians, a good team working on the life of Hugo Chavez, that’s for now. (…) With this book by Sanchez Otero and other researches we have done, our living testimony, every smile, every tear, every struggle and the people who acknowledges who the real Chavez is, we can do it”, said the President.
In relation to what you is doing that transnational, he said that we can not get carried away by communications models that have dominated the world “And have made of us useful instruments of their fashion and their way of being. We have our identity, our music, our culture. “