Deputy Parra: We will seek to get rid of the confrontation

The president of the National Assembly, deputy Luis Parra, ratified that his administration will seek to demarcate from the political confrontation and will resume “the path of depolarization”.

“I will not confront with anyone, I will not allow a photo of a deputy hitting another … this country can not continue in two entrenched sectors”, he told to a private radio station.

The parliamentarian ratified that the Judiciary Branch has to respect the Legislative Power and vice versa, while saying that the issue of contempt is an issue they will address to find a solution in this regard.

He pointed out that they will be a Parliament of solutions and that the first legislative agenda will deal with the main problems the country has:

“We designated a special commission to normalize relations between different fractions of the Parliament”, he recalled.

He insisted that his election and the installation of the new directive was made in accordance with regulations and laws.

“This new board of directors was elected in the temple of laws, the only place where the election and installation of the AN can be made”, he said.

He said that his estrangement with sectors of the opposition occurred last April 30.