President Maduro remembered struggle and loyalty of General Rafael Urdaneta

The President of the Republic, Nicolas Maduro, remembered on Tuesday that General Rafael Urdaneta died on August 23, 1845, in Paris, France, during a diplomatic trip, being one of the most loyal heroes of independence to the cause of the Liberator Simon Bolivar.
«This man, of an unquestionable loyalty, born in Maracaibo, joined early the struggle for the freedom of Venezuela, rising in great battles, due to his commitment in fulfilling orders and a great military knowledge,» said the President through his Facebook profile.
He also noted that the consolidation of the Great Colombia, Urdaneta was always next to Bolivar and had to face the conspiracies that were developed in Bogotá against the Liberator.
«He assumed the office of President of the Great Colombia in an attempt to save the project born after independence, but he failed to contain the forces of the oligarchy, which led him to suffer persecution and exile».
«Honor and glory to General Urdaneta» said Maduro.