The President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, appointed this Tuesday the campaign team that will command the necessary strategies in defense of Essequibo, in view of the consultative referendum scheduled for December 3.

“We have formed a first national campaign command, the Venezuela Toda Campaign Command, the National Union Command, the Essequibo Recovery Command,” he announced.

The Dignitary announced the organization that said group will have:

“This command will be made up of a coordinator of the electoral campaign, for the referendum on December 3, and it will be the president of the National Assembly, Dr. Jorge Rodríguez Gómez,” he indicated.

The young representative and coordinator of the Somos Venezuela Movement, Vanesa Montero, was appointed as executive secretary.

The first work team, in its various aspects, will be constituted as follows: The organization will be led by deputy Pedro Infante; in matters of propaganda and communication, by journalist Gustavo Villapol; and the legal, education and dissemination team will be headed by the Vice President of the Republic, Delcy Rodríguez Gómez.

To command the convocation of the various movements and social sectors, the president appointed deputy Grecia Colmenares; in the electoral field, defense of the vote and mobilization of the vote, to deputy and revolutionary leader, Diosdado Cabello Rondón.

As the coordinating team of the Great Patriotic Pole Simón Bolívar, representative Ilenia Medina; (while) the First Combatant Woman, Cilia Flores de Maduro, will be the head of the electoral strategy team.

To attend to the dissemination and international relations team, Professor Adán Chávez Frías; in the permanent mobilization team, the head of government of Caracas, Nahúm Fernández; and in the spokesperson and social media team, deputy Génesis Garbet.