JVR: Right wing uses the Parliament to undermine democratic order in the country

“The right-wing parties use the Parliament to undermine the institutions and cause the collapse of the constitutional order” warned this Sunday journalist Jose Vicente Rangel in his “José Vicente Hoy” (José Vicente Today) program, broadcast on Sundays by Televen.
“This is nothing but a coup d’ etat with new connotations” stressed Rangel, who said that public authorities, in defense of democracy and constitutional order, are required to act and use all resources without any hesitation. “There is no other alternative”.
Rangel, former defense minister and former Vice President of the Republic, revealed that in the direction of the MUD, an alliance of (right-wing) parties of the Venezuelan opposition, there is a conviction of that the revoking referendum would not be held this year, and therefore they drew the goal of stirring up the attack against the Supreme Tribunal of Justice (TSJ) and the National Electoral Council, especially “because the Obama Government is coming to an end (its term ends in January 2017) and they want to leave solved the problem that represents the Government of Nicolas Maduro”.
The last action of the right wing in the Parliament was to sworn in the Chamber to the deputies Julio Ygarza, Nirma Guarulla and Romel Guzamana, suspended by a ruling of the Supreme Court of Justice while are advancing the investigations on allegations of electoral fraud in Amazonas state, where they were nominated these three citizens . With this action, the right wing disbeyed the ruling by the Supreme Court. and opens the door for all acts of Parliament now to be declared illegal and void.