Government approved Bs 455 million for the recovery of museums in the country

The President of the Republic, Nicolas Maduro, approved on Tuesday a total of 455 million bolivars for the creation of a fund that will allow the recovery of infrastructure spaces of museums in Venezuela.
“This is to further strengthen the cultural system of the country. In this year 2016 we have faced the fall of the oil prices, the economic war in its highest dimension, and the regional and global national economy is affected by a significant decline, we can not allow a lowering on social investments in education, in culture; on the contrary, we must keep it for the development of the Homeland”, said the Head of State during his program “En Contacto con Maduro” (In Contact with Maduro), broadcast from the National Art Gallery which meets 40 years of being founded.
Also, the First National Representative assigned a total of 1,500 million bolivars for the construction of a plaza in the National Art Gallery located in Caracas, an investment that will also allow the recovery of plastic works.
These resources come from the National Development Fund (Fonden), and are intended for the strengthening of the country in different areas.