Chaderton: Result of the OAS is the effect of being ashamed of illegality

Roy Chaderton, former representative of Venezuela to the Organization of American States (OAS), during the night of Thursday, highlighted the diplomatic efforts of the nation in the body during the General Assembly developed in recent days in the Dominican Republic.
The Venezuelan Ambassador pointed out that the victory of Venezuela, should be determined as “Venezuela, a Champion of the America’s Cup on diplomacy, with a coach like Nicolas Maduro and a goalscorer such as Delcy Rodríguez we achieved another story in an association of positive results for our country within that framework, dark for its past and present, that has remnants of the Organization of American States”, he said.
During the interview with the revolutionary leader, Jorge Rodriguez, in his weekly program “La Política en el Divan” (Politics in the Divan), broadcast by Venezolana de Television, he stressed that the result is due to that some States feel ashamed of tracing terrains of illegality and violating the rules of institutions.
“Now the OAS cannot he described as the Ministry of the Colonies, now there are large spaces of dignity where happen exceptional situations such as these”, he said.
He noted that the Caribbean raised its voice against the US presence, is enough reference for the fight to continue.
Chaderton stressed that if a similar situation were to be repeated with another nation, -as in the case of Colombia- the Secretary General had not lashed out in such a way, as if it happened with President Nicolas Maduro.
“Almagro must be an executor of policies that the entire set of member countries assign to him, but went mad with power, which has the characteristic of mostly making you dumb”.
The diplomat said that adjectives given by Almagro to President Maduro constitute a lack of international respect, disassociating his duties as an employee of States.