President Maduro denounced Paramilitary Plan to overthrow the Bolivarian Revolution

The President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, denounced that there is again a paramilitary plan against the Government of Venezuela from Colombia: “They are training the G8 group, there are 734 mercenaries, between Colombians and Venezuelans in North Santander, in Colombia”.

From Miraflores Palace, in a press conference with national and international media, the Head of State explained that the G8 group “to carry out false positive actions that simulate attacks of alleged Venezuelan officials on the border and initiate a violent escalation that confuses to public opinion and justify an invasion”, he said.

The National President accused the Government of the United States of reiterating the conspiratorial plans, as well as “the money directed to the bribery and breaking of officers has been increased so that they use it in a military disturbance against the Bolivarian Government”

In that same vein, President Maduro said that President Donald Trump’s national security adviser, John Bolton, intends to fill Venezuela with violence: “Mr. John Bolton has been assigned as the head of the plot to fill the violence. to Venezuela, to attempt against President Maduro and seek foreign intervention to form a transitional government (…) The Colombian Government of Ivan Duque is an accomplice of John Bolton’s plan to bring violence to our country, and thus I denounce it”.

Finally, he blamed the government of the United States for the degree of frustration that occurred against him last August in Caracas: “The United States has maintained an accomplice silence with the intellectual authors of the magnicide conspiracy in degree of frustration”, he said.